Page to Recruit Filipino Managers

Note:N3 or above for Japanese We are actively recruiting Filipino managers!!

Thanks to the newly-established advanced skill visa, many Filipinos are coming to work in Japan through KSK.
They are living in Japan for the first time, do not speak Japanese well, and do not know the lifestyle, culture, and practices of Japan well.
They must work under these unfamiliar circumstances, but it is also difficult for Japanese staff members to manage them.
Therefore, we need your help, as somebody who has lived in Japan for a long time.
Your job will be to work with them and manage them.
You will manage their attendance, serve as an intermediary between them and their workplace, provide emotional support, and give them advice.
You would manage roughly 5 to 10 people.
Please give us a call, as we will discuss the work content, place of employment, and salary during the interview!

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