Policy to Recommend Qualifications

The most important qualifications in the caregiving industry are “training for newly appointed caregivers,”“training for actual caregivers,” “certified caregiver,” and “care manager,” and “caregiving administration.”
At KSK, we provide support for costs to acquire qualifications.

Training for Newly Appointed Caregivers

  • First step in the caregiving industry
  • For home care workers and welfare facility caregivers
  • Formerly 2 levels of home care workers

Training for Actual Caregivers

  • Practical skills
  • For service providers
  • Qualification test for certified caregivers

Certified Caregiver [National Certification]

  • National certification for specialized caregiving
  • For service providers
  • For life consultants
  • For team leaders

Care Manager (Specialized Caregivers)

  • Creation of care plans
  • For managers

Caregiving Administration

  • Know-how for administrative work

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