Health System

Social insurance is one of the social security programs in Japan and is a public health system that has been established to ensure the livelihood of the people. It differs from life insurance, property insurance, and other forms of individual insurance provided by private enterprises. People who meet certain conditions have a duty to enroll in social insurance and cover insurance costs. At Life Convenience, we have everybody enroll in this insurance.

Medical Insurance

Medical insurance is a guarantee system that covers injuries, illnesses, childbirth, and death. A portion of costs that arise due to these events are covered or provided.
Employees will enroll in “health insurance,” and self-employed workers, part-time workers, and the unemployed will enroll in “national health insurance.”

Pension Insurance

This is a guarantee system that covers living, disabilities, and death for the elderly.
In addition to the pension that is paid out in old age based on the amount that has been accumulated, there is also a disability pension that is paid if a disability occurs from illness or injury and the survivor’s pension that I paid to the surviving family of the deceased enrollee.
Employees will enroll in the “employee’s pension,” and self-employed workers, part-time workers, and the unemployed will enroll in the “national pension.”

Caregiving Insurance

This is a guarantee system that covers the elderly and those who require caregiving as a result of aging. People over the age of 40 have the duty to enroll in this.
This provides enrollees with home-visit care, use of welfare facilities for the elderly, and various other services.
For people under 65 years of age, the insurance fees are included in medical insurance, such as health insurance and national health insurance. For people over the age of 65, this insurance is separated for medical insurance and is generally deducted from the pension.

Employment Insurance

This is an insurance system that has been created with the purpose of stabilizing and promoting the hiring of employees.
The “general jobseeker’s benefits (unemployment benefits),” which provide benefits for a certain period after losing a job, is well-known. It is commonly called “unemployment pay (unemployment insurance).”
In addition, there is also “training and education benefits,” “childcare leave benefits,” and other benefits for employees, as well as “career advancement grants,” “trial employment subsidies,” and other benefits for companies.

Worker’s Accident
Compensation Insurance

This is a guarantee system that covers illnesses, injuries, disabilities, and death caused by accidents and disasters while working or commuting.
Benefits can be received as a lump sum or pension, and there is also assistance for the rehabilitation in society of the worker who was in the accident, as well as aid for the surviving family.

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